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As the largest installing distributor of Mendota Fireplaces in the United States, we’re proud to offer the best built, highest efficiency and most reliable fireplaces on the market. Each Mendota Fireplace is individually hand built in limited numbers using materials that will last a lifetime. Don’t buy a gas fireplace until you see a Mendota Fireplace in our Edina & Woodbury showrooms!

mendota-fireplaceMendota products are designed and built by Johnson Gas Appliance Company – the leading producer of top quality gas furnaces and appliances since 1901. With Mendota you will benefit from over 100 years of gas engineering. You can also have confidence in knowing every Mendota burns with a century-old tradition of quality and hand built craftsmanship and gas technology.

The Mendota line is custom built in limited numbers for the owner who is interested in workmanship, quality and performance. The owner who wants the very finest fireplace for the most important place in the home. Each product is hand crafted to the highest, most exacting standards.

Mendota has earned the reputation in the industry as the top-of-the-line luxury fireplace. It’s products have been selected “Best of Show” at the National Hearth Products Convention and awarded “Best Buy” value for all gas fireplaces by Consumers Digest. They are proudly considered the “Cadillac” of gas fireplaces and stoves.

Top quality materials and workmanship allow Mendota to offer the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry. Details such as true seam welding, heavy gauge steel and careful hand assembly deliver on the promise on a lifetime of comfort.

Mendota is famous in the industry as the creator and innovator of the most realistic wood-like log fires. Featuring a computer-enhanced log fire with partially burned logs and glowing coals that is identical to a wood-log fire. Also, with the beautiful, distinctive grill options Mendota offers there is a front to compliment any décor.

The price differential between a Mendota luxury fireplace and a medium-priced “builders box” is only a few hundred dollars. With a life expectancy of 30 – 40 years, the added cost is only a few dollars a year. The added Mendota cost is even a smaller percentage when considered as part of the entire installation (i.e. vent system, mantel, etc.). Mendota high efficiencies also save on yearly gas costs.

Mendota fireplaces are the most efficient gas fireplaces on the market with 80+% efficiencies and all Mendota products are certified as room heaters.

All Mendota products are tested to the highest ANSI/AGA safety standards. In addition, there is an exclusive double safety system on Mendota fireplaces that adds an extra complete safety system above and beyond the standard safety. Mendota fireplaces meet and exceed all building code standards.

Mendota fireplaces with the BurnGreen™ system are good for your home—and the environment. The direct vent design uses 100% outside air for combustion, preserving indoor air quality and maximizing combustion efficiency. Mendota fireplaces also produce less than 1% of the harmful particulate emissions of wood burning fireplaces.

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