Gas Fireplaces / Gas Inserts

Gas fireplaces are a beautiful and functional addition to anyone’s home. We have many options for every type of consumer. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary fireplace with modern accents & styling or a more traditional and functional option we have the largest variety available. Come see us today and we’ll add lasting value to your home with a gas fireplace or insert!

mendota-fireplace1Flip a switch and have a fire. Buying, splitting and storing wood has lost its appeal for many people. Gas fireplaces and inserts are a clean, convenient, and easy-to-use way to give your fireplace (and your home) a whole new look. It is the end of all the work and the mess of a wood burning fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces are a source of heat loss—they literally suck the hot air out of a room. However, gas fireplaces are air tight, energy and cost efficient.

Gas fireplace inserts by definition are put inside an existing fireplace. The inserts can be installed in a traditional masonry unit or a prefabricated factory unit and they come with either a thermostat or a remote control. A liner is attached to the insert, run up the existing chimney and vented to the outside for efficient and safe operation.

Gas fireplaces are installed where there was previously no fireplace, whether or not the home is existing or a new construction.  They work similar to gas fireplace inserts, however instead of a flexible chimney, they use a rigid chimney that can be vertically or horizontally vented.  Both gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts are air tight and healthy alternatives to wood fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces and inserts use either propane or natural gas to power a steady flame on ceramic logs, decorative modern glass chips, or stones behind a sealed glass face.

There is little maintenance required beyond the annual check. Not to mention it is environmentally friendly; our brands range from 80-85% efficiency rating. A natural gas fireplace can save at least 25% on your energy bill. Gas fireplaces and inserts also produce very little pollution, smoke, ash, or creosote.

Gas fireplaces/inserts are also used for zone heating. This allows you to reduce overall fuel consumption. You can turn up the gas in the room you are in and lower the temperature for the rest of your home. There are gas fireplace models that have a blower already built in which helps to circulate the warm air throughout the home and not just in one area where the unit is places.

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